Program Structure

Our program structure consists of a six-month curriculum designed to provide a comprehensive and progressive approach to recovery, addressing the physical, emotional, and social aspects of residents' lives. By combining evidence-based practices, skill development, family engagement, and a gradual transition plan, The Recovery Place aims to empower individuals for sustained recovery and successful reintegration into society.

Our Curriculum includes:

  • Foundation Building: Assessment and Goal Setting, Groups and Workshops on Addiction, Recovery Principles, and Relapse Prevention
  • Skill Development: Life Skills Training, Physical & Emotional Well-Being, Mindfulness Practices, Social & Interpersonal Skills
  • Peer Support: Regular Peer Support Groups
  • Family and Community Engagement: Family Education and Community Integration
  • Transition and Aftercare Planning: Reintegration Planning and Continued Support

What we provide:

  • Frequent and Random Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • Medication observation
  • Individual Counseling
  • Case Management
  • Care Coordination
  • Individual and Family Recovery Coaching
  • Daily Meditation and Mindfulness Groups
  • Weekly Community Meetings
  • Monthly Recreational Outings
In certain circumstances, the need to refer clients to a higher level of care may arise. This decision is made with the utmost consideration for the individual's well-being and is guided by a commitment to providing the most appropriate and effective support. Our priority is to ensure the safety and holistic recovery of our residents, and if their needs exceed the scope of our services, a seamless transition to a higher level of care will be facilitated. This decision is always made collaboratively, involving the individual, their support network, and The Recovery Place team, with the shared goal of promoting the best possible outcomes in their recovery journey.
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